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RONEN™ / the independent studio of Sanithna Phansavanh » Information
Sanithna Phansavanh
Suh-neat-nuh Pon-suh-von

I am a graphic artist and an interactive designer.
I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia, USofA.


It was either play with the roaches, get into trouble on the playground, or scribble outside of the lines. I did my fair share of the former things, but taking my crayons to the walls of my apartment was the most enjoyable. I drew ninjas and throwing stars. My mom drew her hand against my backside.


One of the most influential things in my life has been skateboarding. Everything in the culture, the products, the fashion, the music, emphasizes the visual aesthetic. I am an artist because of design. I am a designer because of art. The overlap is the sweet spot.


I need music in my ears at all times.
I enjoy the smell of asphalt after a summer's rain.
I like seeing my breath on a cold, frigid morning.
I put salt and pepper on unripe mangoes.
I melt when my kids hug me tightly around my neck.

Say hello and/or stalk me on The Internets ↓↓↓.

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